Strategies in Action

Climate impacts are already dangerous. We need to rapidly transition to a zero carbon economy, and draw down billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere in order to restore a climate that is safe for all people, species, and ecosystems.

2018 Batman by-election candidate survey responses

The survey asks election candidates to indicate agreement or otherwise with each of the following statements:
1. We are in a climate emergency, with climate impacts already causing heat stroke, starvation, loss of life, and massive ecosystem destruction.
2. The Australian government has a duty of care to make every effort to protect us all from dangerous climate impacts.
3. I support a ban on new fossil fuel projects and a well-planned but rapid transition to a 100% renewable energy, with just transition measures for affected communities.
4. I support protection of natural carbon sinks and a legislative ban on logging in native forests.
5. I support expansion of measures to draw down excess atmospheric carbon.

Finally it asks which climate-related issue, if any, they will publicly support in their election platform.

Survey responses from candidates in the March 2018 Batman by-election will be posted here as they come in.

*1 Teresa van Lieshout (Voter Rights Party – Independent) platform includes: The New Testament teaches, in the last days there will be an increase in earthquakes, pestilence, famine, & disease; much of that is man made. Also, the Book of Revelation teaches, “God will destroy those who destroy the earth”. I therefore support the public’s efforts to create the best, safest society & environment we can create. I support conservation measures for specified land & ocean resources, with a focus on tourism jobs. I support mass recycling projects. I support 50% renewable energy measures. I support projects to plant trees & create shade zones from heat where required. I support pollution reduction strategies, for example, re-establish pollution free tram systems in all Australian capital cities (as they had after the 2nd world war). I support small scale horticulture, aquaculture, & agricultural practices & production in all Australian communities, to make most efficient use of resources. I will support wide-spread national solar energy projects across Australia, for schools, govt buildings, & citizens homes.Thankyou.

*2 Adrian Whitehead (Save the Planet ) platform includes: We are the only party to run a comprehensive range of policies that seek to reduce our emissions to a net negative over ten years, and to draw down past emissions. Our full range of policies is available on our website

*3 Mark McDonald (Sustainable Australia) platform includes: Our party policies recognise that climate change is an urgent issue and outline a broad suite of policies to address it. Our policies are very close to a Y on Q3 and Q4 but require slightly more explanation. Policies to ban logging on old growth forsts, end fossil fuel subsidies and ban all new export coal mines (including Adani) are outlined here under ‘ENVIRONMENT’: