Strategies in Action

Climate impacts are already dangerous. We need to rapidly transition to a zero carbon economy, and draw down billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere in order to restore a climate that is safe for all people, species, and ecosystems.

2017 Bennelong by-election candidate survey responses

The survey asks election candidates to indicate agreement or otherwise with each of the following statements:
1. We are in a climate emergency, with climate impacts already causing heat stroke, starvation, loss of life, and massive ecosystem destruction.
2. The Australian government has a duty of care to make every effort to protect us all from dangerous climate impacts.
3. I support a ban on new fossil fuel projects and a well-planned but rapid transition to a 100% renewable energy, with just transition measures for affected communities.
4. I support protection of natural carbon sinks and a legislative ban on logging in native forests.
5. I support expansion of measures to draw down excess atmospheric carbon.

Finally it asks which climate-related issue, if any, they will publicly support in their election platform.

Survey responses from candidates in the 2017 Bennelong by-election will be posted here as they come in.

*1 Anthony John Ziebell (Affordable Housing Party) platform includes: Perhaps not a written policy, but I have made public statements… such as answer to question 11 here – [relevant page no longer exists]
*2 Justin Alick (Australian Greens) platform includes: