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Global Climate Restoration Directory Project

Can you help us populate this directory with names of Climate Emergency groups campaigning for a society-wide climate mobilisation at emergency speed?

Unfortunately current mainstream approaches to climate aim for inadequate outcomes, achieved too slowly. But there are groups and key individuals around the world aiming to do much, much better.

The groups listed below explicitly identify climate as already being dangerous and recognise that reversing the climate emergency requires urgent action beyond ‘business as usual’. They are setting science-based safe climate goals and developing and implementing strategies for achieving the policies and actions required in order to restore a safe climate.


Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG)


Breakthrough –
Centre for Climate Safety –
Climate Code Red –
Climate Emergency Declaration website –
Kayak4Earth –
Long Future Foundation –
Save The Planet –


Climate Emergency Institute –
Le Climatoblogue –

United States

Climate Emergency Coalition –
The Climate Mobilisation –
Job One for Humanity –
Zero degrees warming campaign (Citizens Climate Lobby) –

The primary focus of the above groups is on some or all of the following:

• getting society into emergency mode to deliver solutions
• getting society to recognise that the world is facing a climate emergency – requiring ‘high goals’ action
• promoting the achievement of a climate restoring economy at the speed of the WW2 economic mobilisation
• aiming to prevent sea level rises that would threaten the low lying coastal areas and atoll nations
• aiming to keep the Arctic carbon stores frozen
• aiming for action that will prevent the crossing of earth system tipping points and that will reverse tipping points that have already been crossed and that will prevent serious long term climate feedbacks
• promoting zero emissions plus measures to lower the earth temperature rapidly below the 2017 level
• advocating the restoration of the climate conditions that existed during the Holocene
• building public awareness that the climate is already dangerous (the temperature is too high now as are the levels of greenhouse gases) and that this threat has to be reversed
• aiming for temperatures or ocean acidity below the current level
• advocating the restoration of a safe climate
• advocating the restoration of a safe ocean acidity
• pursuing the protection of the world’s most vulnerable species
• pursuing the protection of the world’s most vulnerable people
• pursuing maximum protection of people and other species, now and in the future.

If the above sounds like you or your group, please get in touch!

Global Directory Project

The concept of the Global Directory is to find and make accessible to activists all the groups that are working in the ‘high goal’ space in the climate movement and to make it possible for the listed groups and key individuals to work together and to develop their goals and strategies. An assumption behind the project is that the world is a diverse place, so it is unlikely that there is one single best way to approach the pursuit of high goals so it will be valuable to find all those who are active in this area around the world and then for improvements to evolve within this diverse mix of groups and people.

This project is not setting out to build a formal network or alliance. It is focusing on enabling connection. What flows from this connection is up to the groups and individuals who are connecting.

If you would like to help with this project, click more...

Things you might like to do:

• Help develop the project method: for the moment, the project is being managed by Philip Sutton and Margaret Hender of cedamia, but we welcome input from others.

• Find people to help work on this project.

• Pick the countries or language groups you prefer to work on.

• Build a team for each country or language group.

• Scan the web to find groups and key individuals focused primarily on the climate emergency. Develop search criteria and culture/language relevant terms to find groups and key individuals who conform to the ‘high goals’ criteria.

• Communicate with groups and individuals in each country or language group to explore their strategies in detail. Contact (by email, phone, skype etc.) climate groups and people to ask if they know of groups and individuals who fit the ‘high goals’ criteria.

• Develop and share a profile of the climate movement in each country and/or language group.

• Build global collaboration into the function of the project.

Please get in touch if you’d like to help.