A number of other local councils have been part of the growing wave of more ambitious local climate action in the wake of the IPCC Special Report in Obtober 2018. The ones on this page have not declared/acknowledged/noted the Climate Emergency in the motions they have passed even though some have been reported as having passed Climate Emergency motions. (The councils that have declared a Climate Emergency are shown here.) Nevertheless the local councils on this page have passed motions with much more ambitious targets than prior to the IPCC Special Report of October 2018.

14 November 2018, Manchester City Council, England, UK

Council passed a motion to set a new zero carbon target date of 2038 and the Manchester Climate Change Board will develop a draft action plan by March 2019, ahead of producing a final plan by 2020, detailing how the city can stay within its carbon budget. See Item 101 in the full minutes here.

13 December 2018, Shropshire County Council, England, UK

Council’s motion entitled ‘Climate Emergency’ includes:

In order to facilitate the most rapid change possible this council agrees to:
• Establish a Task and Finish group, to run for a full year, with a remit to seek advice from experts; to consider systematically each area of the council’s activities; to made recommendations and propose challenging targets.
• Require all report risk assessments to include Carbon Emission Appraisals, including presenting alternative approaches which reduce emissions wherever possible.
• Task a director level officer with responsibility for reducing, as rapidly as possible, the carbon emissions resulting from the Councils activities.
We further ask for a report to the next Council on ways to remove investments, including pension fund investments, from Fossil Fuel industries

Finally, we call on the government to establish a National Climate Taskforce across ministries and to include the Local Government Association, and to require Council to produce – and provide resources for – Climate Action Plans to cut emissions quickly.

13 December 2018, Alnwick Town Council, England, UK

RESOLVED: Alnwick Town Council aims to become carbon neutral by 2031 and put in place mechanisms to undertake a carbon audit after which the Council considers more detailed resolutions.

21 January 2019, Nottingham City Council, England, UK

Council adopted a carbon neutral target date of 2028. Full motion text is here.

In the light of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2018 Special Report on “Global Warming of 1.5°C” this Council heeds the call for urgent action within the next 12 years to avoid a climate crisis. Taking immediate action will help to protect Nottingham people from the consequences of irreversible climate change that would result in flooding, drought, heatwaves and other extreme weather events. This will also make a contribution to the international effort to cut carbon emissions to mitigate climate change, reducing the severity of rising sea levels, hazards, food security and impacts on global ecosystems.

This Council therefore resolves to lead the way nationally and play its part in the global effort against climate change by becoming a carbon neutral city by 2028.

24 January 2019, Powys County Council, Wales, UK

The original motion acknowledged the Climate Emergency but the amended motion that was passed referred only to ‘significant concern’.


It was RESOLVED that this Council in seeing Powys as the Green Heart of
1. Acknowledges that the potential impacts of Climate Change are
of significant concern:
2. Asks the pension trustees to look into the possibility/legalities of
developing a strategy of divestment from fossil fuels
CommitteeName MeetingDate
3. Supports the principles of Zero Carbon Britain and the work done
by CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology)
4. Encourages the development of Hydrogen production and
technologies in Powys utilising the clean environment, water and
energy supply
5. Highlights that zero carbon technologies and new zero carbon
producing economic opportunities that are sympathetic to
Powys’ rural landscape, should be considered as part of the Mid
Wales Growth deal thus giving us a USP (Unique Selling Point)
6. That the authority should put in place an economically feasible
strategy to reduce its carbon output and strive to develop best
environmental practice in its buildings
7. That the authority should look into best practice from other
authorities such as robinhoodenergy.co.uk with Nottinghamshire
Council and theleccy.co.uk/about/ with Liverpool City Council, in
order to consider developing local energy ownership and supply
chains but also assisting tackling fuel poverty.

7 February 2019, Reigate & Banstead Council, England, UK

The new Climate Change motion commits the Council to greater and more urgent action on climate change, in light of the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming published in October 2018.

The full text of Motion 9 is here.

1.Update its 2010 Carbon Management Plan in light of the recent IPCC report. This should include the setting of a carbon neutral target for Reigate and Banstead Borough Council and a governance structure to ensure close monitoring of the Plan;
2.Integrate this (1 above) into the Council’s commitment and leadership to businesses and strategic partners, to deliver widespread carbon reductions across the borough; and
3.Call on the Government to provide the necessary powers and resources to make local action on climate change easier.

February 2019, Vaud and Friborg, Switzerland

Basel was the first place in Switzerland to declare a Climate Emergency on February 20 2019, but according to this article, 2 other Swiss municipalities, Vaud and Friborg, passed motions calling for stronger climate action, but without declaring a Climate Emergency, a few weeks earlier.

13 February 2019, Hastings Borough Council, England, UK

The full text of the motion is here.

We will:
Establish an ongoing Climate Change working group (as a panel of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee), which will scrutinise the council’s policies and actions to make sure they take into account the climate change impact of everything we do;
Develop a procurement policy that reduces our carbon emissions, procuring locally where possible, prioritising goods and services that are less dependent on fossil carbon, and prioritising companies who are taking steps to reduce their impact on climate change;
Use whatever powers and influence we have, taking advantage of any new powers as they are made available to us by central government, to aim to make Hastings carbon neutral by 2030, or by 2050 at the latest, aiming for the borough to become energy self-sufficient through local sustainable energy generation, and call on East Sussex County Council to adopt a parallel commitment for Hastings;

28 February 2019, Lancashire County Council, England, UK

A motion to declare a Climate Emergency was proposed but was amended to remove the ‘Climate Emergency’ words. The motion that was passed included:

Lancashire County Council therefore:
1. Notes the excellent progress made by the Authority thus far in exceeding the
challenging targets set in the Lancashire Climate Change Strategy.
2. Recognises that answering the challenge of climate change is not work that
can be done individually and therefore commits to working in partnership
with councils, businesses, organisations and residents across the county to
meet this challenge.
3. Calls on the Internal Scrutiny Committee to review the council’s operations
and to help identify how the Council’s activities might be made net-zero
carbon by 2030;
4. Calls upon the UK Government to continue to fund and support schemes
that encourage action on climate change.

20 March 2019, Zurich City Council, Switzerland

City Council of Zurich transferred to the City Government the motion “net zero CO2 2030”. The Government now has to suggest a proposal on how to introduce this goal into the city constitution and is asked to finalize a roadmap for this goal. Within about 2 years, the population will have a vote on this new article in the constitution.

Switzerland has two levels in each city: the legislative power (= the parliament) and the executive power (= the government). The Government has to follow the instructions of the Parliament. On 20 March 2019 the parliament requested the following two things from the Government:

a) Motion “Establishment of a stringent climate policy in the municipal administration with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions per inhabitant to zero by 2030”
“The City Council (= Government) is instructed to submit a directive to the Parliament for an amendment to the municipal regulations, which establishes a stringent climate policy in the municipal constitution.
Within the scope of its competence, the City of Zurich sets itself the goal of achieving a reduction in C02 emissions per inhabitant per year to net zero by 2030.
It advocates for the necessary framework conditions at cantonal and federal level and actively involves business and the private sector.
Article 2ter and the transitional provision of Article 122 (((of the Constitution))) are to be formulated in such a way that the necessary basis for the implementation of municipal measures are clearly and consistently anchored.”

b) Postulat “Report on the objectives and measures of the Roadmap 2000 Watt Society with regard to the goal of reducing CO2 emissions to zero per inhabitant by 2030”
“The City Council is requested to report to the City Parliament on the goals and measures of the Roadmap 2000 Watt Society in such a way that the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions to net zero per resident by 2030 is implemented.
The report aims to show how the roadmap can be implemented through concrete measures in the five directions and areas of action. The measures and the achievement of the goals are to be examined and evaluated with regard to the social, ecological and economic dimension of sustainability.”

19 March 2019, Mendocino County Council, California, US

Council did not declare a Climate Emergency but Mendocino County’s Commitment and Mission to Fight Climate Change motion resolved to:

establish a Climate Action Advisory Committee whose mission is to set in motion County-wide goals, policies and actions that will reduce GHG emissions; that will increase carbon storage throughout the County, and that will prepare Mendocino County residents to reduce or prevent, and to recover from or to better cope with climate-caused disasters, and; to serve as a model, partner, and source of inspiration to other jurisdictions to take on the challenge of confronting the demands of climate change.

20 March 2019, Sedgemoor District Council, England, UK

Sedgemoor Council did not itself declare a Climate Emergency, but nevertheless they committed to work with other councils in their area that have done so and to aim for a 2030 carbon neutral target date. The motion they passed is here. It was proposed by Cllr. Duncan McGinty (Conservative) seconded by Cllr. Mick Lerry (Labour).

28 March 2019, Koblenz City Council, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

The motion requires the city of Koblenz (near Bonn) to accept the Paris climate agreement and subject all planning to these goals subject to financial viability and to the final decision of the city council. It has been approved by the city council and an inaugural planning meeting in the environment department will take place soon.

6 May 2019, City of St John Council, New Brunswick, Canada

Developing a climate action plan.

22 May 2019, City of Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich did not pass a Climate Emergency Declaration motion but they did decide to take certain climate measures.

City Council will:
1. develop a strategy to reduce greenhouse-gas-emission to net 0 until 2030 while claiming from the canton, the country, the economy and private actors to give a higher priority to the protection of the climate since the city alone cannot reach a complete decarbonization on its own.
2. the city formulate concrete measure to reduce greenhouse-gas-emissions instead of declaring a climate emergency, which is considered purely symbolic
these measures are:
• a program to encourage propiretaries of real-estate to step up in the replacement-process of oil-fired heating systems
• Development of planned and new energy networks to offer homeowners an additional option for climate-friendly heating and cooling
• complete conversion of the city-owned vehicle fleet to operation with renewable energies
• Greater consideration of climate relevance when purchasing goods and services for the city
• more climate-friendly catering in public entreprises
• Creation of a Climate Forum with representatives from business, science, civil society, especially with young people, and administration.
3. information of the population about the urgency of the climate-crisis and immediate climate action

22 May 2019, Cheshire East Council, England, UK

Reported as having declared a Climate Emergency but the motion simply noted that the UK Labour Party had done so. The minutes are here. However, they did set a 2025 carbon neutral target date.

27 May 2019, Guelph City Council, Canada

Rejected declaring a ‘climate emergency’ but passed a motion saying:

That the City of Guelph acknowledges the impacts of climate change and joins citizens, cities and countries around the world in acknowledginga climate crisis.