Sign all NMBI petitions

Now that we have a full set of No More Bad Investments (NMBI) petitions covering all parts of Australia, if you wish to sign them all you can do so via the form below rather than entering your details at all the individual petition pages.

Most of the NMBI petitions are very similar. The main difference is that the examples of specific bans mentioned in each petition are customised to suit that region. The exceptions are the ACT NMBI petition, which also includes a call for a Climate Emergency Declaration, and the offshore NMBI petition which calls for a federal ban on new offshore oil and gas projects in Commonwealth waters.

You can see the texts of all the petitions via the links in the sidebar, and sign one or more individually via those links if you wish.

OR, to sign all 9 petitions via entering your details just once, use the form below. You can use this form even if you have already signed some of the petitions individually. Our automatic duplicate checking will ensure your signature is not added again to any petitions you have already signed.

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