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The name CEDAMIA is derived from Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation In Action.

Cedamia’s initial core team of Margaret Hender and Philip Sutton began working together as part of the small group of campaigners who launched the Climate Emergency Declaration (CED) campaign in early 2016. In 2017 we set up cedamia to continue that work but with a broader focus on all levels of government and a particular focus on Climate Emergency actions. At the state/territory government level, in addition to advocating for CEDs, we also advocate for a ban on new climate-damaging projects, for example by implementing No More Bad Investments (NMBI) policies. At the local council level we advocate for CEDs and for implementation of ambitious Climate Emergency Action Plans.

The climate advocacy community suffered a huge loss with Philip’s death on 13 June 2022. His work continues via his profound influence on numerous climate emergency activists, particularly in Australia but also globally.


When Climate Emergency Declarations (CEDs) started going viral in late 2018, we started recording all the jurisdictions doing so in a global CED database and in maps, and continue to do so. In 2022 we signed an MOU with ICLEI to collaborate on recording future CED progress, with both ICLEI and cedamia being reporting destinations for new CEDs via a shared mechanism for collecting data. ICLEI will soon also be displaying the collected data on their website and asking jurisdictions in their networks to report via the CED reporting form shared by ICLEI and cedamia.

Over the years cedamia has collaborated with various individuals and groups campaigning for Climate Emergency declarations and actions, including those listed below.

Key partnership on the local government campaign

CACE – Council Action in the Climate Emergency is establishing and supporting campaigns across Australia to get Local Governments to declare a climate emergency.

Other collaborations

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