CED regions in Argentina

Below are the regions in Argentina that have declared a Climate Emergency, in chronological order. Click the “motion text” links to see details of the motions they passed.

17 July 2019, Argentina, population 44,938,712

The Senate unanimously declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency. It does not need approval from the Chamber of Deputies because it is ‘symbolic’.

motion text

The motion text is below.

Translation of motion text:

The Senate declares
1) Its deep preoccupation in the face of the global ecological and climate emergency and exhorts the National Executive Power to increase its greenhouse emissions reduction in accordance with the IPCC (to stay below 1.5C, report 2018 ) and the 2015 Paris Agreement, approved and ratified by Law 27.770
2) That the Senate recognise the devastating impact that extreme weather events have on food production in Argentina, flooding, water supply, health and all the damages caused by forest fires and droughts to name a few.