STOP PRESS! Due to COVID19 we are no longer using the petition return box at the Joinery. Instead, please post filled petition sheets to the PO Box address shown on the bottom of the petition sheets.

A dedicated bunch of helpers managed to collect an amazing 7,000 signatures prior to COVID 19 making it a lot harder, but we now (April 2021) only need 500 more signatures to reach the 10,000 target necessary to trigger a parliamentary response. Please help!

Simply download and print the petition sheet below, and if you can safely do so, please ask workmates or schoolmates to sign. (Official word is that anyone old enough to read the petition and write their name can sign.) Then post the filled sheet(s) to PO Box 3, LPO Holden Hill, SA 5088.

Climate Emergency Declaration petition to SA Lower House

The SA Upper House passed a Climate Emergency Declaration motion on 25 September 2019. Now let’s ask the SA Parliament Lower House to do the same!

NOTE: Under new SA petition legislation passed in October 2019, a formal on-paper petition like this one will ensure a response from the relevant Minister IF the petition meets all the requirements and we collect 10,000 signatures. We have verified that the petition sheet below meets State Government requirements. Please ensure that signatures also comply by adhering to the following dot points:

– Each signature must be accompanied by the first and last name of the signer and their suburb, all in the person’s own handwriting (full street address is not necessary)
– Don’t write or stick anything else on the petition sheet
– All signatures must be on the front of the sheet (signatures on the back aren’t counted)
– Anyone who is old enough to understand the petition and write their own name can sign
– All signers must be residents of SA
– Each person can only sign this petition once

Please help collect signatures!

Click here to download the petition sheet and print as many as you need.

If you will be collecting signatures, please email Beth and Maxine at so that we have your email address and can contact you when we have a cut-off date for returning petition sheets.

Feel free to join the SA CED petition group on Facebook group if you’d like to keep in the loop re progress so far.

This petition is an initiative by several SA individuals rather than any particular group. It will be submitted to Parliament at a suitable time soon after it reaches 10,000 signatures.

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Questions? Contact Beth and Maxine at