Climate Emergency Declaration petition to SA Lower House

A dedicated bunch of helpers managed to collect an amazing 10,500 signatures on the citizens’ formal on-paper petition despite COVID making it a lot harder. You can see the petition text here.

The SA Upper House passed a Climate Emergency Declaration motion on 25 September 2019. On August 24 2021, Susan Close MP tabled the petition and proposed a motion to declare a Climate Emergency. See photos from that day on the Facebook Event page here.

Please help with the next steps!

The motion proposed by Susan Close MP is below. It is scheduled for debate on 27 October 2021.

this House —
(a) Notes the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report confirms that
global average temperature, atmospheric greenhouse gases and ocean acidity are already at
dangerous levels;
(b) Notes that around the world, climate change impacts are already causing loss of life and
destroying vital ecosystems;
(c) Declares that we are facing a climate emergency; and
(d) Commits to restoring a safe climate by transforming the economy to zero net emissions.

Debate of the motion is scheduled for 27 October, so we have a window of time to contact state MPs and ask them to support the motion. If you just want to contact your local MP, MP Contact details (email and phone) are at

But it is very easy to send your email to all MPs!

Just copy and paste the entire comma-separated blocks below into the Send field of your email with no spaces (and press Enter). We assume ALP MPs will be voting in favour of Susan’s motion anyway, but please include them in your email so that they can see how much public support there is for the motion.

– for Liberal MPs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

– for Independent MPs,,,,

– for ALP MPs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Please just use your own words! That’s much more effective than everyone sending the same email, but you might like to mention one or two of the following:

– the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Climate Change 2021 (released August 2021)
– the effort required to collect over 10,000 on-paper signatures during a pandemic
– SA’s proud reputation as a climate leader
– to date over 2,000 jurisdictions globally have declared a Climate Emergency, including 15 national governments and the EU as a whole, and 24 sub-national states and regions
– the SA Legislative Council passed a Climate Emergency Declaration in September 2019
– the heat waves, mega-fires, and floods causing loss of life during the current northern hemisphere summer
– our young people who are relying on government action to offer hope for the future

Feel free to join the SA Climate Emergency Declaration public group on Facebook group if you’d like to keep in the loop re progress towards a declaration.

NOTE: The petition was an unbranded citizens’ petition initiated by several SA individuals rather than any particular group. Because it reached over 10,000 signatures it must receive a ministerial response at some stage (we don’t know when yet).

Questions? Contact Beth and Maxine at, or join the discussion at