Council post-CED actions

How many times have you heard people say a local council Climate Emergency Declaration (CED) is ‘just words’ or ‘just virtue-signalling’? Have they really contacted the 1,000+ places that have passed a CED motion to find out what they have done since?

As part of our new ‘not just words’ project we have just begun sending a post-CED action template to local councils and asking their staff to record and send back a list of post-CED climate actions. We hope this will counter the above claims and also serve as a useful way for councils to see what other councils are doing and be inspired by that.

So far we’ve only asked Australian CED councils to fill in the post-CED action template, and the first few we have received back are at the link below.

Click here to see the Australian action lists received so far. We’ll add further responses to this Google sheet as they arrive.