Federal Government

Strategies in Action

We are asking the federal government to declare a climate emergency, and to mobilise resources accordingly, since they have the financial resources and the legislative power to make many of the changes that are necessary for tackling the climate emergency. See The Vision for a broadstroke picture of what this might look like. Download a draft of Climate Emergency Declaration model legislation.

Emergency declaration campaigners are therefore talking to their local federal MPs, giving them publications that outline the severity of the climate crisis, and encouraging them to sign a Statement of Support.

The main requirement for achieving a federal Climate Emergency declaration, however, is building the public demand for an emergency response to the point where politicians cannot ignore it. The early Climate Emergency Declaration petitions were addressed to governments, but they are also intended to help make the emergency declaration demand into ‘a thing’ that everyone knows about – and can therefore demand.


Once upon a time there were probably few people who had imagined that slavery could be abolished or that women could vote in elections. Once the abolition and suffragette movements began, however, it became possible for more and more people to imagine such a future and start thinking, “Hey, that’s a good idea!”
That’s where YOU come in. There are plenty of things anyone can do to help spread the word and make a Climate Emergency Declaration into something that everyone who is concerned about climate is demanding. Even just talking about the concept amongst friends and colleagues will help, and there are other suggestions on The Actions page.