Strategies in Action

Join us in building public support for:

– A Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation at all levels of government, with particular focus on the federal government

– Bans on all new climate-damaging projects and support for climate-positive projects, with particular focus on state and territory governments

– Climate emergency action plans and community engagement, with particular focus on local councils

We all want a safe climate, with enough food, water, and shelter for all families to thrive, with healthy ecosystems, and governments who act in the best interests of the people they serve.

Our elected representatives are choosing to allow corporations to put us all at greater risk of dangerous climate impacts every time they approve new climate-damaging projects, like new coal, oil, or gas projects.

Federal, state, and territory governments have the power to not only ban all new climate-damaging projects within their jurisdictions, but also to channel resources into researching and implementing the best climate-safe and climate-positive alternatives. We already have most of the solutions – we just need to implement them.

The Australian government could declare a climate emergency tomorrow and get on with the urgent job of restoring a safe climate. In an emergency we all tend to pull together in whatever way we can for the common good. In an emergency, ‘normal’ expectations are temporarily on hold and solving the emergency is given priority. Wartime mobilisations have shown us that nations can restructure their economies amazingly quickly when there is an existential threat. That is exactly the scale and speed of action we need now to protect our future.

But first we need governments to issue that public signal saying, ‘This IS an emergency’. Climate impacts are already killing people and destroying ecosystems across the world. At an average global temperature rise of around 1°C families are already running out of food and water, or losing their homes, livelihoods, and even lives as a result of extreme weather events. The 2°C or even the 1.5°C of the Paris Accord is clearly not a safe goal.

Our campaign mantra is that it is madness to accept government policies that put as at increased climate risk, and perfectly reasonable to demand that governments act in the best interests of us all.

Earlier this year we collaborated with Steve Posselt on his 8-week kayak4earth odyssey from Ballina in northern NSW to Canberra. Supporting groups along his route collected petition signatures for Steve to take to Canberra and organised public speaking events and media for him. Read about Steve’s amazing campaign and the Feb 27 interim petition handover here.

Paul Scully (state MP), Steve Posselt, Sharon Bird (fed MP), and George Takacs (Councillor)

Our Climate Emergency Declaration petition targets all levels of government since every level of government can potentially play a huge part in achieving the climate emergency response we need.

The federal government is clearly the most capable of making the sweeping changes we need, but a surprising amount could also be achieved through climate emergency action at the state and territory level.

Local councils too have exciting potential, particularly since it is easier to get supportive Councillors elected to council. An expanding patchwork of local councils adopting Climate Emergency Plans, like this draft Darebin Council plan, could indeed achieve a lot.