CED regions in Austria

Below are the local council regions in Austria that have declared a Climate Emergency, in chronological order. Click the “motion text” links to see details of the motions they passed.

13 June 2019, Michaelerberg-Pruggern Council, Styria, Austria, population 1,188

Declared a Climate Emergency
motion text

Article (in German) is here.

24 June 2019, Traiskirchen Municipality, LA, Austria, population 20,608

Declared a Climate Emergency and set a 2030 carbon neutral target date
motion text

Resolution text is here.
Google translation of resolution text:

The municipality of Traiskirchen
• Declares the Climate Emergency and recognizes the mitigation of the climate crisis and its serious consequences as a task of the highest priority.
• recognizes that the current measures and plans of local authorities are insufficient to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C.
• aims to address climate change impacts in any decision, and to favor solutions that have a positive impact on climate, environmental and species protection.
• aims to review and endeavor to address all existing laws, regulations or measures relating to climate, environmental and species protection in their influence, in particular in the areas of spatial planning, spatial planning, transport planning and energy, and endeavoring to do so within the meaning of aspired to adjust 1.5 ° C goals.
• is guided by the reports of the “IPCC – Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change” and the “APCC – Austrian Panel on Climate Change” and the assessments of experts from the climate change, environmental and species protection and environmental area.
• aims to present ongoing measures for a decision that demonstrably and massively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce emissions to net zero by 2030, without the use of compensation technologies.
• will regularly inform the public about progress and measures to curb the climate crisis.
• also calls on other municipalities, cities, federal states and the Federal Republic of Austria to explain the Climate Emergency at national level and to provide the people of Austria with comprehensive information on the climate crisis, its causes and effects and measures taken against the climate crisis inform.
• calls for an identical resolution in the Austrian Association of Municipalities.

4 July 2019, Vorarlberg State Parliament, Austria, population 395,012

Declared a Climate Emergency (Klimanotstand)

4 July 2019, Hart bei Graz City Council, Styria, Austria, population 4,972

Declared a Climate Emergency. Article is here.

8 July 2019, Hartberg City Council, Styria, Austria, population 6,650

Declared a Climate Emergency. Article is here.

10 July 2019, Kufstein Town Council, Tyrol, Austria, population 18,410

Declared a Climate Emergency (Klimanotstand). Article (in German) is here.

23 July 2019, Innsbruck City Council, Tyrol, Austria, population 132,493

Declared a Climate Emergency (Klimanotstand)
motion text

Text from agenda:

Der Bürgermeister der Stadt Innsbruck
wird beauftragt, von der Erklärung des
“Klimanotstandes” abzusehen, und stattdessen
gemeinsam mit der Tiroler Landesregierung,
welche den Klimaschutz in
der Landesordnung verankern will, einen
Maßnahmenkatalog zu erarbeiten, in welchem
festgestellt wird, wie die Landeshauptstadt
Innsbruck das Land Tirol – in
Bezug auf Klimaschutz – unterstützen
kann. Der erarbeitete Maßnahmenkatalog
soll dem Gemeinderat zur Beschlussfassung
vorgelegt werden.

25 September 2019, Austrian Parliament, population 8,733,000

Declared a Climate Emergency. Livestream is here. Parliamentary record is here.