Petition for No More Bad Investments in Western Australia

To the Parliament of Western Australia

We petition you to enact legislation to ban all new investment in projects that contribute to global warming. Bans should apply immediately where safe alternatives are already available.

Climate impacts are already killing people and destroying ecosystems. Every new climate-damaging project that is approved puts us all in even greater peril and makes recovery even harder. It is a failure of a parliamentarian’s duty of care to encourage or allow new projects that increase the risk of disastrous climate impacts. We all deserve better.

As a first step, this ‘no more bad investment’ legislation should ban all new coal, oil, and gas projects and all new logging or clearing that degrades natural carbon sinks. No new fossil fuel exploration or extraction projects. No new fossil fuel infrastructure projects. No new LNG exports.

The resultant market certainty would facilitate the rapid roll-out of climate-safe alternatives in sectors such as the electricity sector where safe alternatives are already available, and underpin efforts to develop affordable climate-safe alternatives in sectors where an immediate ban is not yet practical.

There is no need to put our people and ecosystems at greater risk by allowing investment in climate-damaging projects. We can power our state without sacrificing our future.

Please sign this petition regardless of whether you live in WA or not. Anything the WA government does that affects climate will affect everyone in all parts of Australia, and indeed anywhere in the world.

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Supporting groups

Australian Forests and Climate Alliance (
CACE – Community Action in the Climate Emergency (
CORENA – Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia (
Environmental Justice Australia (

See the States Can analysis for talking points about state/territory bans on new fossil fuel projects.

This petition to the WA state parliament focuses on just one component of the Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation program called for in our petition to all levels of government in Australia. State governments have the power to ban specific types of projects within their own state, so successful campaigns to have state/territory governments ban climate-damaging projects would achieve one of the aims of the nation-wide climate emergency mobilisation campaign.

Model ‘No More Bad Investments’ legislation drafted by Environmental Justice Australia and Philip Sutton can be downloaded here.

If you’ve not yet done so, please consider also signing the climate emergency declaration petition to all levels of government at

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NOTE: We are no longer collecting on-paper signatures but you can still ask people to sign the online form using an iPad or similar. If you still have some signed sheets not yet returned to us, our PO Box is now closed so please just email us a scan or photo of each sheet.

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