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The No More Bad Investments (NMBI) petitions to state/territory parliaments focus on just one component of the Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation program called for in our petition to all levels of government in Australian. State governments have the power to ban specific types of projects within their own state, so successful campaigns to have state/territory governments ban climate-damaging projects would achieve one of the aims of the nation-wide climate mobilisation campaign.

The NMBI Q&A doc places the No More Bad Investments model legislation in the context of the climate emergency and explains how the legislation might be implemented. Download the Q&A Word doc.

Model ‘No More Bad Investments’ legislation can be downloaded here.

Please get in touch if you would like to partner with us on a similar petition in your state or territory!

BZE event video of Philip Sutton talking about No More Bad Investment model legislation and paradigm.
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Presentation slides here

Podcast can be downloaded here