To request an addition to the global map and the alphabetical ICEF list below, please send the following details to
– Name of council (or other jurisdiction)
– Date of the meeting/debate that passed the Climate Emergency Declaration motion
– Link to the declaration motion text (ideally the minutes of the meeting, or the meeting agenda with evidence that the motion passed without amendment, or the amended text)
– A link to a news article or council announcement about the declaration (if you have one)

NOTE: The above map and chart and the information below on this page show the government bodies (local, state, country) that have declared a Climate Emergency. Climate Emergency Declarations by non-government bodies and non-binding declarations, including the May 2 UK declaration, are on the Non-govt CEDs map.

Current global count: 834 jurisdictions in 17 countries

Australia: 29 since December 2016 – 7 in Victoria, 3 in WA, 12 in NSW, 3 in SA, 1 in ACT (the Australian Capital Territory Parliament), 2 in Tasmania, and 1 in Queensland. In addition, the state associations for local councils in Victoria and Western Australia have passed Climate Emergency motions, and so has the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA).
USA: 19 since November 2017 – 1 in New Jersey, 1 in Maryland, 14 in California, 1 in Connecticut, 1 in Minnesota, and 1 in New York
Canada: 444 since August 2018 – 394 in Quebec, 24 in British Columbia, 3 in Nova Scotia, 2 in New Brunswick, 19 in Ontario, 1 in the Yukon, and the Canadian House of Commons
Britain (and dependencies): 229 since November 2018 – 194 in England, Welsh Parliament and 19 local councils in Wales, 10 in Scotland, 2 in Northern Ireland, 1 in Jersey, 1 in Gibraltar, and 1 in Isle of Man
Switzerland: 13 since February 2019
Ireland (Eire): 12 Republic of Ireland Parliament and a number of county councils since 29 April 2019
Italy: 16 since 29 April 2019
Germany: 38 since 2 May 2019
France: 8 since 9 May 2019
Belgium: 1 since 13 May 2019
Spain: 1 since 14 May 2019
New Zealand: 12 since 16 May 2019
Czechia: 1 since 21 May 2019
Portugal: 1 (the national parliament) since 7 June 2019
Austria: 6 since 13 June 2019
Poland: 3 since 26 June 2019
Argentina: 1 since 17 July 2019

Click on a country name above to open a new page showing details of the CED resolutions passed in that country.

Note that the above map and the global ICEF list below show only those local councils that have passed motions that include an item declaring a Climate Emergency (or acknowledging or noting in some way that we face a Climate Emergency). But as part of this growing wave of more ambitious climate action, a number of other councils have also passed motions committing to stronger than action than previously. See those councils here.

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Want to encourage YOUR local government body to declare a climate emergency and develop their own climate emergency action plan? See Why declare a Climate Emergency? and How Councils can lead in the Climate Emergency. Also see our Sample Resources, our Action Kit and the resources at the CACE website.

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