Strategies in Action

SA NMBI Action Kit

This Action Kit makes it easy to help build NMBI public support. There are social media auto-share links, materials and tips for talking with your local MP or election candidates, and hardcopy petition sheets for collecting signatures.

Just go ahead in whatever way suits you! Or, submit the I Can Help form at the bottom of this page and we’ll email campaign materials to you. There’s something even the busiest people can do – if that is you, we can email you the latest auto-share Facebook/Twitter links just when there is something we’d particularly like you to share.

Social media links to share

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For talking with state MPs

Take a look at the SA NMBI Talking Points to familiarise yourself with the issues involved with banning new climate-damaging projects in SA.

If you wish, you could download the short SA NMBI Powerpoint presentation at left and take it along on your laptop or tablet to show parts of it to your local state MP (or just to remind yourself of topics to cover), or simply print the sheets that you think you’ll find useful to leave with your MP.

The model No More Bad Investments (NMBI) legislation can be downloaded here.

Statement of Support sheet for state MPs

Download the above sheet as a pdf file, print, then ask your local MP to sign. Take a photo (landscape orientation preferred) of them holding up the signed sheet, and email it to us for inclusion on this website and social media.

See the MPs and election candidates who have signed so far at

NMBI survey sheet for MPs and election candidates

See the survey results received from candidates in the 2018 SA state elections at

For stalls, events, etc.

Hardcopy petition sheets

NOTE: We are no longer collecting on-paper signatures but you can still ask people to sign the online form using an iPad or similar. If you still have some signed sheets not yet returned to us, our PO Box is now closed so please just email us a scan or photo of each sheet.