Climate Emergency Declarations

Since the release of the IPCC Special Report, it seems everyone is talking about the climate emergency and a growing number of Climate Emergency Declarations have been in the news.

Darebin City Council in Victoria was the first local council to issue a Climate Emergency Declaration back in December 2016 and subsequently developed its Climate Emergency Plan. Since then local councils and other sub-national jurisdictions in Australia, USA, and UK have done the same (20 areas as of December 2018).

Will SA be the first state in Australia to declare a climate emergency and implement its own climate emergency action plan involving all parts of society?

Sign the Conservation SA Climate Emergency Declaration petition asking federal and state parliaments to declare a climate emergency.

The Conservation SA petition is one of a suite of similar Climate Emergency Declaration petitions running in Australia. Most signatures have been collected on federal-level petitions as shown below, but more recent petitions are also addressed to state and/or local governments.